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The Sikh Gallery

The Royal Ontario Museum



a permanent home for Sikh art and culture

at Canada’s most prestigious museum

The Sikh Art and Culture Foundation of Canada (SACFC) is dedicated to preserving and celebrating Sikh art and culture with the world.

SACFC is excited to have developed a historic partnership with the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto, which offers a unique opportunity to establish a permanent space to showcase the Sikh diaspora’s heritage, history, and culture.

The ROM will showcase rare manuscripts, paintings, textiles, and other artifacts that illustrate the beauty and diversity of Sikh art and culture. This groundbreaking partnership is a significant milestone for the Sikh community in Canada and globally, for this and future generations.

But we need your help to make this initiative a success.


Who We Are

SCACF is a non-profit organization that is working with the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) on this historic initiative of establishing a Sikh Gallery.


SCAFC is currently led by the following board of directors.

The current directors are

  • Sat Gosal is a prominent lawyer who has shown leadership in important community organizations such as the Sikh Centennial Foundation and the Sikh Foundation. He is passionate about preserving and promoting the legacy of the Sikhs. He has helped produce, research, and distribute literature in respect of Sikhi and has been at the helm of Sikh film festivals. His involvement in landmark cases has helped to establish precedents in respect of the right of Sikhs to wear their articles of faith. He was a member of the Peel Police Services Board.

  • Harkiran Boparai is a successful businessman who has emphasized Sikh heritage in the buildings he has constructed such as the Great Punjab Business Center. Passionate about his roots, he is a key supporter of organizations such as the Sikh Heritage Museum and Seva Food Bank. In addition to his business ventures and support of community organizations, Harkiran has been the leader in organizing the annual Punjabi Golfers Association tournament.

  • Suresh Pal Singh Bhalla, after a 30-year banking career, has been actively involved with Human Rights Watch and has demonstrated a record of philanthropy, including as a board member of the Toronto Community Foundation. He has also appeared on national TV as a commentator on the right of Sikhs to wear their articles of faith. In 2001, he spearheaded the highly successful “Arts of the Sikh Kingdoms” exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Join us in this historic initiative and experience the beauty and diversity of Sikh art and culture.


Join Us

We will need your support to bring this dream to fruition.


Together, we can help showcase the rich heritage of Sikhs and educate the broader community about Sikh culture and traditions.

Join us in this historic initiative,

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